Holiday Gift Guide: Book Lovers Edition



I’ve always found solace in books. High brow or low brow – I’m not picky. (That’s not true. I still refuse to read any Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey but can you really blame me?)  Here are a few ideas for how to wow your pal whose nose is always in a book.  Check out more ideas on Pinterest! Yes. I’m finally going to try to not loathe Pinterest.Book Lover1 T.S. Eliot Print | 2 Gold Pig Book Ends | 3 Book Scented Candle

 4 Book Riot Subscription | 5 Shakespeare Word Magnets


What’s on your holiday reading list? It’s almost time for me to break out Holidays on Ice again!


Why Pride Matters

PrideOriginal Images: Think Progress | GLAAD | Gawker

A woman I admire greatly – who shall therefore remain nameless – asks why gays should have Pride at all. This is a woman with gay friends, business associates, and family. Someone in favor of marriage equality and same-sex parented families. There is no Straight Pride parade, is there?

Here’s the good news: we’ve managed to live in a world that is so okay with gays and lesbians that even the open minded forget the inequality that remains. The bad news: even the open minded forget the inequality that remains.

It’s been 44 years since Stonewall. Why do we need Gay Pride still? Here are some questions in return:

  • Do we still need a Black History Month? Women’s? Asian? [Insert minority type here]?
  • Are gay teens still 8.4 times more likely than heterosexual teens to attempt suicide?
  • Are LGBT youth still overrepresented in the homeless population, juvenile detention, and foster care?
  • Are there still 29 states in the U.S. where a person can still legally be fired for their sexual orientation?
  • Are people still being beaten on the streets of New York City for their perceived sexuality?

Then, yes, we do still need Gay Pride.

Data Sources: PFLAG NYC | Upworthy | New York Post

Lady Tip #1: Victoria’s Secret

All women break their underwear down into two basic categories: Touch Me Now and Touch Me Never. Any woman who tells you otherwise is a damn dirty liar. Except for maybe nuns – I’m not sure they have much of a choice in the first place.

Touch Me Now knickers (I refuse to type or say the p-word aloud) are pretty self-explanatory. We wear them to be seen or felt, if in no other place than our imagination. You’d be surprised how high the self-esteem meter will go just by putting a cute pair of Hanky Pankies on beneath your jeans.

Touch Me Nevers are a bit trickier. They’re often the stereotypical Granny pair – high-rise cotton, baggy butt, generally unattractive even on Miranda Kerr - but worn for different reasons:

  1. There is no chance in hell they will sleep with you. They’re going out with you as a favor to someone, in hopes of a free meal, or heightened ennui. Sorry, dude.
  2. She wants to sleep with you but doesn’t want to be that girl. The one who gives it away. These are usually accompanied by unshaved legs (the moat to the castle) and maybe Mom Jeans (the drawbridge). Underwear, in this metaphor, would be the court jester.  You know, designed to be laughed at but ultimately not going to protect you if the enemy has already made it that far.

Honestly, men, there’s not a whole lot that you can do with this information, but I find it helps to get into the mind of your opponent before a big match.  Be mindful of the VPL…that definitely puts you on the bad side of Touch Me Never territory, so don’t waste your energy.

Also, men take no for an answer. Just a FYI.