Gifts for the Wanderer

There’s something about an airport that makes me a roller coaster of emotion. I realize that’s probably a little bizarre, but who are we to judge my psyche? When I fly into the Detroit airport, I’m immediately overtaken with a calmness that only comes from being near my family. When I soar over the Chicago skyline into O’Hare, I remember why I moved to the city and how much I love it here. A new destination brings a new airport and a new set of opportunities to explore.

Then again, airports are the worst. Long lines, terrible food, overpriced bottles of water. It’s a good thing they bring the promise of adventure.

Where will your wanderlust lead you next?

Gifts for the traveler.


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Solo Tripping

It’s been a great ten years, Chicago, but I might be ready to move on. Before I take the plunge, I’m going to fulfill one of this year’s goals and go exploring some cities on my own. It’s going to take a whole lot of city to fill Chicago’s shoes, but I have one main criteria: less snow.

I’m taking suggestions – what city do you think I should test?


Savannah, Georgia

I visited Savannah once in high school while driving to Florida with my family. I remember it being beautiful and have always had a romantic ideal of it in my head. Can it hold up?

Pros: Men with southern accents, SCAD and the art scene that comes with it.

Cons: Social conservatives make me very uncomfortable.

Printers Alley

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville seems like Brooklyn with less snobby hipsters. That’s a thing, right?

Pros: I don’t know anyone in Nashville, so it would truly be a solo exploration and adventure.

Cons: While I can appreciate the art form and like a select segment of the genre, I don’t actually like country music.


Seattle, Washington

Ah, Seattle. How I idolized thee as a grunge-listening pre-teen. Remember when the SuperSonics were a thing? I miss Gary Payton!

Pros: Hometown and current residence of my bestie.

Cons: The last time I visited my bestie, Seattle seemed a little, uh, slow-moving for my taste. Plus I don’t drink coffee – will that get me kicked out?


Los Angeles, California

Well, the weather is certainly different from Chicago.

Pros: There are a plethora of opportunities to pursue my not-so-secret dream life.

Cons: If a Chicago 10 is an L.A. 6…

Savannah | Nashville | Seattle | Los Angeles

European Vacation

My mind wanders quite often, but lately it’s been traveling more than usual. Alas, I also have a problem with practicality: will I feel guilty spending the money? Who will be my hot date? Can I take off that much time from work? I’m young, damn it! In the next year I vow to take at least one solo vacation and one trip to France.

You’re thinking I’m cliché, aren’t you? Europe. How romantic! How safe! How boring! It’s not hiking the Himalayas or anything, but going to France will make me happier than any destination I can imagine.

Above | Below

I started taking French in the fourth grade and immediately fell in love with the concept of Paris. I wanted to walk along the Seine, dine on freshly baked pastries, and lay in the grass beneath the Eiffel Tower.

A year later, I was furious with my father for getting a new job and making the family move to Beijing. What was cool about China? They didn’t speak French. They were far away from all of my friends. They were communists for goodness’ sake. I begged my parents to let me just stay behind and live with my grandparents, but Dad cut me a deal instead.

Move to Beijing. Get a trip to Paris.

Above | Below

While I’ve been blessed enough to visit thirty-some-odd countries in and around three continents (North America, Asia, and Australia, if you’re curious), I still haven’t made it to Paris. There are a lot of cities I’m excited to visit, but no trip is quite as exciting as the prospect of fulfilling a childhood dream.  I think Dad would’ve  wanted me to go there first, anyway. (Then on to London and Dublin!)