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Pinspiration | Hola, Beaches.

Today I’m wrapping up a (much-needed) life break and heading back to home after a week in Denver. (Are you impressed that I still managed to have my shit together enough to keep posts coming while I was away? Me. Too.)

I know that a week away from my job should be enough, but I’m already dreaming of my next vacation. So, do I finally achieve that goal of traveling somewhere alone? Perhaps, but in all honesty my heart is set on a beach with no cell reception. Anyone interested in sharing some sunscreen? Warning: I go SPF 50+ on a cloudy day.

The Somerset Turks and Caicos

Above Turks and Caicos | Below Maldives

The One & Only Resort Reethi Rah. Maldives.

Magens Bay George Oze

Above St Thomas | Below Greece

Csky Hotel Oia Greece

Bio Bay Puerto Rico

Above Puerto Rico | Below Belize

Ambergris Caye Belize


Gifts for the Wanderer

There’s something about an airport that makes me a roller coaster of emotion. I realize that’s probably a little bizarre, but who are we to judge my psyche? When I fly into the Detroit airport, I’m immediately overtaken with a calmness that only comes from being near my family. When I soar over the Chicago skyline into O’Hare, I remember why I moved to the city and how much I love it here. A new destination brings a new airport and a new set of opportunities to explore.

Then again, airports are the worst. Long lines, terrible food, overpriced bottles of water. It’s a good thing they bring the promise of adventure.

Where will your wanderlust lead you next?

Gifts for the traveler.



Solo Tripping

It’s been a great ten years, Chicago, but I might be ready to move on. Before I take the plunge, I’m going to fulfill one of this year’s goals and go exploring some cities on my own. It’s going to take a whole lot of city to fill Chicago’s shoes, but I have one main criteria: less snow.

I’m taking suggestions – what city do you think I should test?


Savannah, Georgia

I visited Savannah once in high school while driving to Florida with my family. I remember it being beautiful and have always had a romantic ideal of it in my head. Can it hold up?

Pros: Men with southern accents, SCAD and the art scene that comes with it.

Cons: Social conservatives make me very uncomfortable.

Printers Alley

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville seems like Brooklyn with less snobby hipsters. That’s a thing, right?

Pros: I don’t know anyone in Nashville, so it would truly be a solo exploration and adventure.

Cons: While I can appreciate the art form and like a select segment of the genre, I don’t actually like country music.


Seattle, Washington

Ah, Seattle. How I idolized thee as a grunge-listening pre-teen. Remember when the SuperSonics were a thing? I miss Gary Payton!

Pros: Hometown and current residence of my bestie.

Cons: The last time I visited my bestie, Seattle seemed a little, uh, slow-moving for my taste. Plus I don’t drink coffee – will that get me kicked out?


Los Angeles, California

Well, the weather is certainly different from Chicago.

Pros: There are a plethora of opportunities to pursue my not-so-secret dream life.

Cons: If a Chicago 10 is an L.A. 6…

Savannah | Nashville | Seattle | Los Angeles