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Resume Tips I Shouldn’t Have to Share

You may recall that last week I had a few tips to consider when applying to graduate school.  While I’m joking with many of them, sometimes I come across applicant resumes that remind me why people are willing to pay for help with their resumes…and why more people probably should at least Google it.


Applying to Graduate School: Tips from a Pro

So you want to go to graduate school.  Great!  I fully support that decision – going to grad school was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Not because it catapulted me into some high-paying job (note: that’s not what grad school is for) but because it enriched my mind, advanced my skills, and made me happy.

I already worked in graduate admission when I started to seriously consider what I wanted to study – so maybe I had an advantage in preparing my application – but I see mistakes made every day that seem like common sense.  Before you click send on that application of yours, make sure you’ve read these tips. (more…)