Ginger Commandment | 3

Commandment 3

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The gods must be in favor of this whole love thyself kick I’ve been on lately because they’re totally giving me signs of pride and motivation. For example, my new favorite song and ringtone contender, “All About That Bass.”

Even if the lyrics were nonsense, I love Meghan Trainor’s modernly retro voice and the candy pop colors in her music video. Add in a new euphemism for bodily curves and proclamations of perfection at any size and you’ve won me over. Now quick! Enjoy the song before Glee ruins it for you with a very special episode!


Ginger Commandment | Numero Dos

You don’t have to spend $500 on a haircut – that’s a ridiculous thing I certainly haven’t done – but I don’t want to hear your bitching if your next Fantastic Sam’s cut goes wrong.

On a budget? I’ve been there! Try a beauty institute for a haircut done by a student under supervision of trained professionals. I’ve had my hair done by Aveda almost-graduates in Chicago, Ann Arbor, and Royal Oak. Do you have a favorite fancy salon near you? They may accept hair models for an apprentice program or check out Salon Apprentice for a list of stylists looking for people like you – fabulous and frugal.

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Long time readers and pals may recall that I’ve always kind of hated Pinterest. These days I find great pieces of inspiration, but it’s another outlet for people to talk about their great lives without acknowledging that they’re maybe a little screwed up at times. I’m not saying everyone in the world is screwy, I’m just saying that if you go by the Facebook status, Pinterest recipe, or Twitter update, people have zero problems in their lives. I call bullshit.


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