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When is it OK to Quit?

Now! Now is the perfect time to quit!

I should probably back up here before I moving forward.

I am quitting this damn blog. Surprise!


An Announcement

Leaves are beginning to fall, retailers are offering deals on flannel, and the PSL is barely a week away from #basicbitch lips nationwide.

Happy September, Dear Reader! We’re now T-55 days until I turn 30. Is this getting to me? Well, I got a tattoo last week, so it is entirely possible.

P.S. – have you been listening to the playlists of my life? They’re a good trip down awesome(ly bad) music road.

Anyway, you’ve probably clicked on this post because you want to know what my announcement is.



I Need Your Help

I’m all about multi-tasking. I write blog posts while catching up on TV. I read while riding the train to work. Heck, I even walk while chewing gum! Today, I’m fulfilling a commitment to myself (creating content more than once a week) and striking an item on my to-list: new business card design.

Not gonna lie to you, the first business cards I designed were pretty cool. Well, I liked them, at least. I created them with a free trial of InDesign before I had a clue how to use anything beyond Adobe Reader. (You think they look better now that you know how few skills I had, don’t you?)

Unfortunately, they are: a) for my post-college job search; b) terribly out of date; c) somewhere in a box I’ve yet to unpack.