Things I Loved in 2014 | Sephora Buys

This weekend was a banner one for me. I didn’t do anything work-related! I wore something other than PJs every day! I went to Sephora and hit VIB Rouge status!


That means I have spent way too much money on products in a calendar year. Well, at least I can share my terrifying knowledge with you, my People. Most of these products didn’t debut in 2014, but I spent my money on them in 2014 and, to me, it justifies a Best Of list. ‘Tis the season!

Sephora purchases


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Why Did No One Tell Me This Existed? Julep Maven Club.

Oh, hello friends.  Why don’t we sit down for a moment and tell a story about how the internet is amazing? Please, pull up a chair. Pour yourself a glass of wine (or drink it straight out of the bottle, like I may or may not be doing at this very moment).

I haven’t been so good at focusing this blog lately.  Much like my life itself, A Little Bit Ginger has only a vague relationship with the concept of direction.  So while yesterday I posted some tongue-in-cheek humor, the day before that I showed you how to create a classy ombre fade on your digits (which, I must say, has held up quite nicely so far).

Anywho, because of said post I connected with the ladies of Two Laquered Girls and Megan’s recent rave review of Julep Maven club.  $20/month for, oh, $40 worth of nail swag? And a quiz to determine which package is for you?

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Get Yo Nails Did: Ombre Fade

You guys, on a scaled of ashamed I’m somewhere between that time in elementary school when I couldn’t hold it any longer and that time in middle school where I tried to bump a volleyball and my front-clasping bra came undone.  Phew, here it goes: I stumbled upon The Beauty Department, which I almost immediately fell in love with prior to realizing it was founded by Lauren Conrad.  I mean, damn it, LC, every time I want to hate you I find something with your fingerprints on it that is too fun to deny.  I refuse to read your books a ghostwriter probably wrote, that’s just a step too far.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out this whole ombre nail thing because when done right they look chic and stylish while retaining a certain youth that I’d like to hold on to for dear life.  I mean, come on, even HSN is selling ombre polish sets.

Since the great Fire of 2K11, I’m still building up a nail polish collection that would let me do the one color per nail method of ombre, so instead I used a makeup sponge along with Zoya MileyEssie ChinchillyZoya Petra, and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. Maybe by the end of the summer I’ll have enough polishes to use try this out with brighter shades. (Side note: does your college neighborhood have a nail polish named after it? I didn’t think so.)

Fair warning, if you decide to try this method out, your digits are about to get dirty.  I don’t suggest doing this if you only have half an hour before your date picks you up. (Is that how dating is supposed to work? I don’t remember.)

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