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Pinspiration | Negative Nail Art

Negative space nail art is like the cool older sister to bejwelled nail art or the accent nail of 2013. Maybe this year I’ll get sophisticated. That’s a thing, right?

Black, white, negative space, and matte nail design

Above | Below

Gold and negative space


Things I Loved in 2014 | Sephora Buys

This weekend was a banner one for me. I didn’t do anything work-related! I wore something other than PJs every day! I went to Sephora and hit VIB Rouge status!


That means I have spent way too much money on products in a calendar year. Well, at least I can share my terrifying knowledge with you, my People. Most of these products didn’t debut in 2014, but I spent my money on them in 2014 and, to me, it justifies a Best Of list. ‘Tis the season!

Sephora purchases



Why Did No One Tell Me This Existed? Julep Maven Club.

Oh, hello friends.  Why don’t we sit down for a moment and tell a story about how the internet is amazing? Please, pull up a chair. Pour yourself a glass of wine (or drink it straight out of the bottle, like I may or may not be doing at this very moment).

I haven’t been so good at focusing this blog lately.  Much like my life itself, A Little Bit Ginger has only a vague relationship with the concept of direction.  So while yesterday I posted some tongue-in-cheek humor, the day before that I showed you how to create a classy ombre fade on your digits (which, I must say, has held up quite nicely so far).

Anywho, because of said post I connected with the ladies of Two Laquered Girls and Megan’s recent rave review of Julep Maven club.  $20/month for, oh, $40 worth of nail swag? And a quiz to determine which package is for you?