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Halloween Ideas for Halloween Haters

Halloween is one of those holidays that I feel like I should hate out of principle, but that I’m secretly totally into. Most of the time, it’s just a bunch of people who aren’t very good at holding their liquor, girls who express their sexuality (as well they should) by freezing their butts off, and dudes who think dick joke costumes are the height of hilarity year after year.

I always like the thought that good Halloween ideas require, but lack in actually executing any of them. Except my Minnie Mouse costume. That one was adorable, warm, and made only a few hours before going out. And my pre-Instagram pixie wings, also made mere moments before going out that evening. What’s the moral of the story here, folks?

I have big dreams but am lazy AF.

Halloween Ideas for People Who Hate Halloween


Mackinac Island, Michigan

Ah, Mackinac Island.

If you’ve heard of it before, you’re probably thinking of fudge, horses, and costumed soldiers reenacting #fortlife. Dear sweet goodness, I hope that’s a real hashtag.

Mackinac Island Grand Hotel Carriage |

If you’ve been following the current presidential race, you might recognize it as the setting for a GOP bar fight. (Full disclosure: I had dinner at that bar the prior evening. My money is on someone being violently disappointed in their chicken fajitas.)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re pronouncing it wrong. Spell it with a ‘c’ (Mackinac), say it with a ‘w’ (Mackinaw).


Back to School Stationery

As a kid, accompanying my dad to the grocery store meant begging him to let me hang out in the aisle filled with notebooks, Trapper Keepers, and pencils. (Yes, the dork runs strong in this one.) Back to school clothes shopping is equal parts exhilarating and nerve-wrecking, but back to school stationery shopping is a low pressure way to show off your personality all year long.

I am so jealous of every single one of you who has an excuse to buy all new note taking goods. Like, really. I might sign up for a new degree program just for the built-in excuse. Just kidding! Student loans are not my friend.

Back to School Stationery