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High School Mixtape

There’s only about a month until I turn 30, and it’s getting more difficult to narrow down single years of importance. Change rarely happens in an instant or single year. Often it’s an era, a series of events that couldn’t have happened without one another. So, instead of picking a single teenage year, I made a high school mixtape.

High school was not easy for me. I didn’t like myself much, and I liked most other people even less. It’s a terrible combination when you’re trying to grow up and not hate the world. I never really found my people. That group of friends who is your automatic plans for the weekend. The ones you don’t have to call before you go over to their house.

I had a few people who would always answer the phone, always know what to say, and always bust a move in my little yellow car to the mixtape (ok, mix CD, but that’s just not as fun to say) that I’d crafted for the mood. I would take hours to select songs and craft their order to perfectly flow together. No shuffling allowed, damn it.

High School Mixtape |


An Announcement

Leaves are beginning to fall, retailers are offering deals on flannel, and the PSL is barely a week away from #basicbitch lips nationwide.

Happy September, Dear Reader! We’re now T-55 days until I turn 30. Is this getting to me? Well, I got a tattoo last week, so it is entirely possible.

P.S. – have you been listening to the playlists of my life? They’re a good trip down awesome(ly bad) music road.

Anyway, you’ve probably clicked on this post because you want to know what my announcement is.



How Life Sounded in 1997

1997 was the year that changed my life. This probably seems like a grand statement considering I was only 12, but I promise I’ve put a lot of thought into this.

1997 is the year my family moved from Michigan to Beijing. The year I (started to) move on from being a selfish, narrow-minded kid to a more caring teenager. It’s the year I began to care more about theater and art than soccer and a future as the next Mia Hamm.

Oh, have we never discussed how I was a jock? It’s totally true.

1997 Playlist