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This is 30

Well, Dear Reader, this is the last weekend I can do something stupid, look back on it and say, “Whatever. I was in my twenties.”

Last year I wondered if I would feel like a grown up by now. Nope, definitely don’t yet. When does that happen?

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College Dance Party

Let’s get this out-of-the-way: I’m a straight up college cliché.

This is not to say I was painting my face in school colors and tailgating every weekend. On the contrary, I went to DePaul, a school so unlike the college experiences I saw in movies that I sometimes think I missed out on real college.

I’m a college cliché because those were years that changed me more than any other. I walked into the dorm a shy, insecure, straight-laced girl and walked out of my dump of a college apartment a brash, slightly less insecure woman who had made just enough mistakes to hold great memories.

Play T-Pain and I can taste the stale beer sipped from a Solo cup in a sweaty three flat. Try a tune from The Dandy Warhols and I am back to the quad in an instant, sun beams providing nourishment after a long winter, listening to a study playlist crafted with more thought than more than my final papers. Hearing The Roots will prompt the story of the time I almost got in a fight with a guy who wouldn’t get out of our personal space at a campus concert.

College Dance Party Mix