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Advice to My Future Children | 4

Growing apart isn’t always forever.

What is that mysterious force that moves friends in opposite directions? It’d be easier to forget a friend if there were an inciting moment, a fight or diverging interests. Move on to the present! Spend your energy on the people in front of you now.

But there are some people who stick with you no matter how far away in time or distance you may be. Last week, I got the chance to reunite with old friends who, despite years of separation, had never really left my mind or heart.

High School Reunion

I couldn’t for the life of me recall exactly when my friend Shauna and I stopped speaking or why. I just knew that I missed her and what she once meant to my life. That’s the sign of a person worth a new shot at friendship.

Ten years ago, she was my person. My partner in crime. The woman who allowed me to decorate her car with glow in the dark stars and drive while I videotaped strangers walking down the main street of our sleepy Michigan town. She’d even narrate videos in which we hunted our friends like Steve Irwin would a crocodile.

Is now a good time to mention we were theater kids? You probably already guessed.

Thanks to Facebook, it was easy to send a message to her. Thanks to fate, it was easy to see her. Along with a handful of our old pals, she already planned to visit Chicago just months after I sent her a note. We spent an evening laughing, reminiscing, and discussing what adulthood looks like on the different paths we’ve chosen. Plus hugs. Lots of hugs.

It was a night beyond what I could have hoped. We may still live states apart, but I’m thrilled to have at least part of that relationship back in my life. Thank goodness I sent that message.

Pinspiration | It’s Monday, Yo.

Finally. That’s what I have to say about my weekend – finally.

Weekends are meant to be a break from the perils of work or school. They are for sleeping in, cheating on your diet, and unclenching the muscles in your neck. For some reason, my weekends haven’t been doing the trick lately.

Except this one. I finally – finally – feel restored. I hung out with my mom, cuddled with the dog, and floated in the pool with a chlorine-dispensing rubber duck.

I say this, of course, at quarter to eight on Sunday night. Let’s see how I feel by noon on Monday.

How was your weekend?

Coco Chanel Success if often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.

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Girl Crushing It

One of my favorite parts of Chicago is its comedy scene. We’ve got theaters with main stream recognition, small venues frequented by artists waiting for their break, and stages high school comedy nerds dream about instead of becoming socially well-adjusted teenagers. If you really want to jump into the Chicago comedy scene, you’ll inevitably meet a few types of people in an improv class: the bro who makes inane dick jokes, the actress whose agent told her she needs to loosen up, and the middle-aged man who is the funniest guy at every staff meeting.

You’ll also meet some talented freaks like Kelly Rowland*, who I met while taking a class at iO. She’s how I imagine some of my comedy heroes were in their early Chicago years – quick-witted, self-deprecating, and unapologetically woman, writing for and supporting other funny ass women. Not to jinx anything, but I won’t be surprised when Kelly ends up the comedy hero whatever the equivalent of blogger-with-a-day-job is in ten years. 

You can read Kelly’s satire over at The Neapolitan (I recommend “Ten Opinions on Current Events that will Drive Your Man Crazy in Bed“) and stay updated on the comedy group she co-founded, Mass St. Productions, on Facebook. Speaking of which, check out Forever Hold Your Piece, written and directed by Kelly herself, at Stage 773 (you might even see me there).

*Edit: Per request, this post has been changed to remove Kelly’s real name and image. Congrats on that new gig, girl!