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When is it OK to Quit?

Now! Now is the perfect time to quit!

I should probably back up here before I moving forward.

I am quitting this damn blog. Surprise!


Happy Pride

I wasn’t going to do this.

I wasn’t going to once again tell you that LGBT Pride is important and necessary for the same reason that Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and [insert minority here] Month are. (That history was written by white men who at best wrote off any not-straight activity as mere fraternal rites.) I wasn’t planning on reminding you that some of the most important people in my life are gay. I never even thought to tell you about the wonderful humans I met and worked with at the Broadway Youth Center, fighting to change the world one at risk kid at a time. 

I didn’t want to do any of this, but then Orlando happened.

Happy Pride |

Dāsha Guyton | Girl Crushing It

The great thing about the Internet is that everyone has an opportunity to share their voice. The explosion of blogs (how many of your friends don’t have one at this point?) is an exciting result of the interwebs, but it can also foster some stiff competition. What I love about Dāsha Guyton, is how supportive she is of other bloggers. If she’s not featuring a someone on her blog, Windy City Wardrobe, she’s sharing great resources and opportunities on Facebook or tips on Instagram.

In a world that keeps trying to pit girl against girl, Dāsha is a wonderful example of what I want to be – a badass woman supporting other badass women.

Dasha Guyton Girl Crushing It |