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Singles Bingo | Free Printable

It’s officially Love Week here at A Little Bit Ginger (because I’m nothing if not a whore for easy content and SEO ideas)! Today I’ve created a little Singles Bingo for you to play while scrolling through your Tinder, Bumble, or profiles.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned between my online dating experiments and those of my squad of single friends, it’s that none of us are unique on paper. Scroll through a dozen accounts – you’ll see twelve versions of the same guy. He likes skiing or snowboarding, prefers to be outdoors, and wants to find his partner in crime. He believes in the beauty is on the inside…but is only searching for a woman who self-identifies as slender or athletic and toned. Bonus points if he is not, in fact, either of those things.

Wading through hundreds of near-identical profiles can get dull. Enter Singles Bingo, where dating officially becomes what we’ve long known it to be: a game.

Singles Bingo | Free Printable from


7 Reasons Women Swipe Left

Note: these fails apply not only to Tinder. Failures of this magnitude can be made on dating sites including, but not limited to: Hinge, Match, eHarmony, Happn, OKCupid, Christian Mingle, Black People Meet, Farmers Only, Plenty of Fish, Coffee Meets Bagel, J Date…you get the point here.

Tinder Fail 1: You only have pictures with other women.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your sister or cousin or 98-year-old grandmother. We will assume you’ve – uh – dated them all.

Why women swipe left |


Truth, Fear, and Modern Dating

I’ve had parts of this post written for a few days now, but couldn’t figure out what to title it. Technically – technically – I’m of the millennial generation. Are my hang ups about relationships due to being a millennial? I live in a liberal urban setting. Do I have a fear of commitment because I hang with democrats?

There are countless reasons I fear adult relationships, many of which are held common with friends who aren’t millennial, democrat, or otherwise single. In some cases, we have nothing in common except our trek through the mud of single life. That’s when I realized it’s not a generational problem or a political affiliation that gets us down – it’s just modern dating.

Truth, Fear, and Modern Dating

Modern Dating Prob #1: Normal people are scarce.