Pop Sugar Must Have Box Review

There are a lot of subscription boxes in the world for every age and interest, (just ask Buzzfeed) but, being the naturally cheap and distrustful person that you know and love, I tend to be weary of them. I’m sure you ask yourself the same questions I do. Are they worth my money? What are they sending? Will I like any of it? Will a sample have more than a shower’s worth of product? Is a masked murderer going to gain access to my mailing address?

Just me? Moving on.

Given my simultaneous interest in and distrust of the subscription box game, I got a little excited when Pop Sugar sent me their January Must Have box to try.

“But, Kaitlin!” you say, “I thought you weren’t going to do the blogger thing anymore?” “Correction!” I respond. “I’m not doing the blogger things that I don’t like anymore.” Who doesn’t like free stuff though? Any person with even the slightest internet presence who tells you they don’t enjoy the occasional swag is straight up lying to you.

But I ain’t no liar, ma’am. I am going to tell you the truth because, you know, I don’t really care if I’m never sent anything free again. You are my people, damn it! I will only tell you the truth. For example, I didn’t even bother trying the Goldfaden MD Fresh A Peel Multi Acid Resurfacing Peel because anything with the word “peel” as it relates to my face terrifies me, and I dislike the Daily Concepts Hair Towel Wrap because it’s a weird shape and somehow doesn’t hold all of my hair and not enough of it at the same time. 

(Full disclosure: I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase an individual product from a link I’ve included.)

Verdict: The Pop Sugar Must Have Box is totally worth your $39.95 a month. (Especially when you use the coupon code SHOP5 to get $5 off your first box.)

Seriously. The retail value of everything in the January box is $185. If you sign up, you’re getting deluxe (if not full-size) samples of some fancy pants products (see: face peel) that you probably haven’t heard of or on which you’d never want to accidentally waste your money. never would have bought myself a Manduka yoga mat towel, by gosh darn it if that simple piece of hippie fabric doesn’t solve a whole lot of issues at barre class. 

What do you think?