When is it OK to Quit?

Now! Now is the perfect time to quit!

I should probably back up here before I moving forward.

I am quitting this damn blog. Surprise!

Well, I am quitting the part of this damn blog that I hate. The part from which I receive no joy. The part I dislike so much that I end up not writing for months at a time.

The part where I worry about SEO and try to base what I write based on keywords that might relate to a random thought I alphabet. The part where I rack my brain to match a blog post to an image for Instagram. The part where I censor my ideas because I don’t know how to categorize them in a blog header. 

Do I care about those things professionally? Sure. But this blog has never been professional. It was a place I escaped to in the dregs of a shitty job where I finished all of my work by 10am. It was where I wrote things down because I needed to get them out of my brain. The SEO and the Instagram and the categories are great, but for fashion bloggers. 

I am sure as heck not a fashion blogger. They’re wonderful and I love reading blogs by women who do it well…but I can’t compare myself to them and I can’t pretend we’re in the same league.

 Anyway. I’m going to stop all that. I’m going to do a mental reorganization and get rid of stuff that doesn’t match. You don’t care about this, that’s cool. I’m just writing it down because I need to for my own well being. Stick around if you’re interested. If not, it’s been lovely knowing you. Thanks for stopping by.

(But, because old habits die hard, here’s a pinnable image for you to share.)

When is it OK to Quit?

2 Responses to When is it OK to Quit?

  1. Dasha Guyton says:

    Good for you; I’m excited to see the new direction!

    Dasha | http://windycitywardrobe.com

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