Are Romantics Dead?

I’ve been an Internet hobbyist (that’s a blogger with commitment issues) for a few years now, and with the exception of some now-deleted food porn in my early Tumblr days, nothing has stirred quite the reaction as my post on soulmates. I rarely write something with the expectation of a particular reaction (I am, after all, still coming to terms with the fact that people actually read this thing with which I choose to humiliate myself), but this time I expected one of three things:

  1. Dear Kaitlin: You’re a bitter old hag who needs to get laid. 
  2. Dear Kaitlin: You just haven’t found the right man yet. Hang in there, girl! Your prince will come!
  3. *Crickets*

Instead, I got phone calls and text messages and emails of enthusiastic agreement. “Yes!” “Spot on!” “I need to start reading Dan Savage!” 

Which leads me to the question that burns my brain on a Monday morning (because, yes, I’m writing this on the Blue Line again): what the hell is wrong with us that not a single reader wanted to stand up for soulmates?

I know that, statistically, we’re likely to be products of divorce, but I also thought millennials were supposed to be idealistic and naive and demanding of instant gratification rather than willing to put effort into achieving their goals! At least one person born between 1980 and 2000 should believe that soulmates are real – or, at the very least, should still be dumb enough to believe we can’t make the same mistakes of generations past. 

Apparently, I’m wrong. It’s not just me who doesn’t buy into soulmates or marriage, it’s all of us. This may surprise you (because it definitely surprises me to type it), but that’s just sad. 

We can’t all be realists, damn it. We can’t all have come to terms with the fact that maybe we won’t find someone to love and grow old with, that not everyone gets to live the bumpy path to happily ever after. 

Where would we be without romantics? The songs I would miss! The books that would never be read! The subscriptions that would never be renewed! 

Come on, guys. Are you really all as jaded as I am?

2 Responses to Are Romantics Dead?

  1. Dāsha says:

    I think many of us want to save face. We live such public lives now so most disappointments are public. If we believe in soulmates but don’t find one, we think it some how frames us in poor light. I dreamed on a faceless, romantic person but didn’t believe I’d ever find her. But now that I have I know for a fact soul mates really do exist. Maybe this is a coping mechanism to keep sadness and depression at bay until we the one.

    • Kaitlin says:

      That’s a great point, Dasha! There’s a lot to be said for keeping that part of your life private to save the added pain if something doesn’t work out.

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