Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Okay, sure, I’m sort of a Valentine’s Day hater even whilst happily ensconced in the throes of love. (Have I ever been ensconced in the throes of love? Moving on.) Galentine’s Day, however, I’m all about regardless of relationship status. Seriously. What can you say about Galentine’s Day that isn’t a total joy?


Of course romantic relationships (with anyone on the gender spectrum) are wonderful. But the relationship between women (cis or otherwise), is worthy of celebration, too. Female relationships should be like a great bra – support and elevate!

If you’re in a loving – or lustful – relationship this year, celebrate Galentine’s Day with the women who have your back when you’re looking for a plus one. If you’re single, spend Galentine’s Day with the gal pals who will happily listen to your gushing stories when you find someone to love. Remind your friends that they are family, that you love them for who they are. What a wonderful person that is! I know this because you are a smart lady, Dear Reader, and don’t love just any old person. You, Dear Reader, have excellent taste.

Obviously. Why else would you be here?

Celebrate Girl Power with Galentine's Day |

1 | To celebrate Galentine’s Day, one must know The Code. via The Silver Spider Print Shop on Etsy ($15 – but on sale now for $12!)

2 | Keep Queen Leslie near your heart. via Human ($35)

3 | Creative art prints are BFF necklaces for grown ups. via Flapperdoodle on Etsy ($20+)

4 | The best friends are those who appreciate a good pun. via Ms. Betty’s Original Bad-Ass Candles on Etsy ($18)

5 | Once again, Joanne Shih kills it with her hand lettering prowess. Plus, no one gives better compliments than Leslie Knope. via Joanne Shih on Etsy ($10)

6 | No good Galentine’s Day party is complete without cupcakes (or waffles or frittatas) and a few glittery themed toppers. via Hawthorne Avenue Arts & Vintage on Etsy ($15)

For more ideas, check out this Pinterest board I whipped up. How are you going to celebrate the women in your life this February 13?

What do you think?