What I Wore to Turn 30

I regret to inform you that I had so much fun on Saturday night celebrating my birthday that I didn’t take any pictures.

Just kidding. I have no regrets.

I was more freaked out about what to wear for my party than I was about actually turning 30. I have a long history of freak outs surrounding special events and clothing, so combing the two has a tendency to really screw with my head. I bought two dresses, a top for that wonderful tulle skirt of mine, and rented a gorgeous (but ultimately too sparkly) BCBGMAXAZRIA sheath dress.

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30th birthday outfit | alittlebitginger.com

I wanted a 30th birthday outfit that veered from my tendency to dress in a low key, tshirt and jeans level boring. (Once I was hoping to see a guy I liked and wore something that I thought looked pretty good. My friend pointed out that it was, in fact, a sweater. Then she called me a sexless grandmother. OK, she just called me a grandmother – the sexless was implied.)

Ultimately, I wore the very first dress I picked out.

Now, let’s discuss just how far I veered from my usual by choosing this dress. One: it is definitely the shortest piece of clothing I own. I wore it with black opaque tights but still fidgeted with its length to the point where another friend told me to chill the f@#! out.

Two: I didn’t wear a bra. My bra collection can be separated into four distinct categories: every day wear, cute enough to be seen wear, sport, and sleeping. (That’s right, I have bras just for sleeping.) The last time I went in public without a bra was probably somewhere around the second grade.

Early development and voluptuousness – a blessing and a curse, Dear Reader. A blessing and a curse.

Thanks to the wonderful time I had on Saturday, I feel 100% better about turning 30 today. Almost all of the people I love most in the world took time out of their lives to join me. Groups of my friends who had never met before now seem to be obsessed with one another. It’s a great feeling to have so many amazing human beings counted among my friends.

No matter what happens, I know I have them in my corner. I can’t see how the first day of my 30s could be better.

What do you think?