Washio, Oh, Washio

I have (at least) two fatal flaws: inherent laziness and sub par domestic skills.

I’m also privileged enough to have some disposable income, and regularly choose to pay other people to do my laundry. I did the math. It’s actually more cost-effective to have someone do laundry for me! (Ugh, I know. I’m just as annoyed with myself as you are right now, I promise. Once I get an in-unit washer/dryer, I will do my own laundry.)

In the past, I’ve walked bags to a wash’n’fold laundromat or worked with a local pick-up and delivery service with varying degrees of success. Since they also pick-up and deliver dry cleaning, I decided to give Washio a try.

Washio Bottom Line:

Maybe I’ve worked in some version of customer service for too long, but if the business effs up my service, I expect more than a promise the behind-the-scenes IT guy will look into why my service was flawed. I want free delivery or a discount or, I don’t know, an apology.

Full disclosure: I did finally receive a coupon when I contacted customer service a second time expressing my displeasure with my first Washio experience. My clothes did come back folded nicely and in good condition. The bags provided are quite convenient. I am still too lazy to haul my dirty clothes to the basement of my apartment building. I’m going to try it again, hoping that it’s all a fluke (and, of course, because they gave me a coupon).

If you dare try Washio, use code kaitlinsullivanos51 to get $15 off your first order. Hey – I’m a giver.


How Washio is Supposed to Work:

You log into your Washio account and schedule your pick-up between 6:30 am and 10 pm any day of the week. You can make this a one time only or recurring appointment. Then, you schedule your delivery 24 hours or so later.

You’ll get a fancy reusable bag for your regular laundry and a separate one for your dry cleaning needs – there’s no need to separate colors. Pass those off to your Washio Ninja (yes, that’s an official job title), take them back from your Ninja the next day. Pay for everything online. You’ll even get a sweet treat from a local bakery with each delivery.

Convenience! Such convenience!

Washio Scorecard

How Washio Actually Worked for Me:

I had such high hopes for this baby. They have a pretty website! And an app! And That 70s Show money!

Scheduling my first appointment was easy. I was thrilled with the wide range of pick-up/delivery hours given my sometimes aggravating schedule. One Wednesday evening, I rushed home from the gym and stayed up way past my bedtime to wait patiently for my Ninja to arrive. An hour after I expected my doorbell to ring, I checked the site.

Wait a damn minute. This says my pick-up is happening Thursday! I double-check my confirmation email to make sure I didn’t do something stupid. Nope. Confirmation is for Wednesday. I call the customer service number.

“Oh. I’ll send this to our tech team. I don’t know what happened.”

Cut to Thursday evening, when I am sent a form email telling me my order will not, in fact, be delivered before I head to work on Friday, after all. They’ve arranged for it to be dropped off at 7pm. I know you’ll be shocked by this, Dear Reader, but I already had plans for Friday night! So I reschedule and do not get any clean clothes until Saturday morning.

Definitely not a 24 hour turn around.

I eventually found out my delivery was delayed due to part of my dry cleaning order requiring more drying time. I’m perfectly happy to find out they are attending to my clothes with great care and don’t want my jacket to smell when it gets to my house, but I’d also like to be told that in advance.

Hey, at least the Rice Krispies Treat they hooked me up with was delicious.

What do you think?