Six Things the 2012 VMAs Taught Me

1. The 90s are officially back with a vengeance, y’all!

Tell me that Rihanna’s opening performance couldn’t be a Mary J., Lil’ Kim, Missy E, or TLC performance circa 1996. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

2. The music business is far more forgiving than I would be.

Then again, so are Chris Brown fans.

3. Shiny accents on pants are not flattering on men, either.

(For the life of me I couldn’t find a good picture of these pants. This can only mean that other people agree with me.)

4. Rebel Wilson is totes going on my role model list.

5. If Amy and Will are going to break my heart, I hope Rashida and Andy will fall in love forever and fill it.

6. If Taylor Swift decided to take a leave of absence from entertaining, I’d totally be okay with it.

She’s a lovely girl, really. I appreciate anyone who loves rocking a red lip.  That said, this new break up song of hers sounds an awful like every other break up song of hers. Her performance pitted girls against boys like every lunchroom your teenage ass ever ate in. Now she’s dating an 18-year-old; Kennedy or not, there’s a big difference between a high school senior and a 22-year-old woman. I’m guessing this isn’t the type of mature relationship that will really teach her about the world. Which is what she should do.

Take a break, Taylor! Go to college, backpack across Europe, work a drive thru window, I don’t know. Just do something that will expand your world. The worst thing that could happen is a shitty dorm room. The best thing that could happen is your horizons expand and your song writing material expands.

Please Taylor, expand your song writing material!

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