My Father’s Daughter

If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram, then you might know that while I’m happy to celebrate Chicagoversary, Monday also marked five years since my dad was diagnosed with and died due to the big C. I don’t like to say lost his battle with leukemia, because that implies the fight was fair to begin with – and it most definitely was not.

Since this week is about the last ten years in Chicago and the adventure that’s made me who I am in this moment, I’d be remiss not to talk about him. My dad was a complicated man with whom I had a complicated relationship, but at his core, I know that he was good. He was generous, he was funny, he was blunt, he was the greatest friend I’ve ever seen in action. I love him and think of him every damn day.

Anyway, I have enough of a tendency towards depression without adding sad stories to the world, so I’ll share a story that my dad loved to hear me tell. Full disclosure: this story is also one I shared as part of his eulogy, so I guess it is kind of depressing that way. Per his request, I opened the show.

Dad and Me

Everyone’s dad is embarrassing, right? Normal dads make bad puns or wear lame clothes or call you childhood pet names in front of the cool kid you want so badly to be your friend. My dad absolutely did all those things…and then some.

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Happy Anniversary, Mermaids.

This week I’m celebrating ten years in Chicago, ten years with the greatest dance partners I could ask for, and the ten-year journey to who I am today, in this moment.


(High school graduation – should we talk about my hair?)

Ten Augusts ago my family and I packed up a couple of Ford Escapes and made the five hour drive to Lincoln Park. I had made it through a less-than-stellar high school experience and was finally being rewarded with my teenage dream: getting the hell out of Michigan.

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20 Ways to Better Spend Money on Than Kim Kardashian’s Selfish

I freely admit that I will watch a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon on Sunday afternoon. (Khloe is the superior Kardashian by far.) Seriously, though, America, if this book becomes a bestseller we are no longer allowed to question why the world thinks we’re vapid and ignorant.

Kim K Books

Kim K Things

Kim K Charity

Kim K Anything

What would you rather spend your money on than Selfish?

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