Ginger Commandment | 6

Commandment 6

Do you, Girl. Just do you.

I’m not one for self-help books, but I’ve been reading I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones and recommend that you do, too. (Even our gentleman friends might feel inspired!)

Let me restate that. IATG isn’t a self-help book, really, but that’s what it’s classified as on the back cover. Ugh. Labels. Instead, Alexis – and a few notable friends – talks about the importance of speaking your truth, discovering your passion, and dreaming bigger than you’ve ever dreamed before.

It’s helping me to refocus on what I believe in and the way I want to live my life. I went through a lot of phases as a kid, from wanting to be a teacher to an actress to a waitress (because they didn’t have to go to school!), but the one thing I knew I didn’t want was a job in a cubicle. No – this isn’t an announcement that I’m running off to join the circus, but it is part of me realizing that I’m not living up to the potential I saw in myself before I let the pragmatism of the world tell me what I should really do with my life.

Part One: reclaim my writing.

Writing has been my constant life companion and since that little pre-surgery challenge of mine, I’ve been proud of myself for keeping a steady pace, but I still haven’t figured out exactly what I want A Little Bit Ginger to be about. In the last two months or so, I’ve gotten the best reaction by being honest and body positive. I’ve even got a moderate hit of a Pin on my hands!

It makes sense that these are getting the biggest reaction – I’ve always been a strong feminist at heart. Few things were quite as disappointing as my fifth grade teacher telling me that we wouldn’t have time to cover the chapter on Women’s Suffrage in our social studies textbook. What do a bunch of ten-year olds need to know about the struggle of gender equality, I guess? (Oh, that’s right. Everything!) Look for more posts about inspiring women, working to love myself the way I love my friends and family, and a Kaitlin who doesn’t let her internal voice get her down…as much. No one is perfect!

The moral of today’s commandment, Dear Reader, is to find what excites you and brings out the childhood passion you’ve let go dormant for a while.  We don’t have to change the world, we just have to be true to ourselves.

So, what’s your passion?

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Pinspiration | 2

It’s been a long week, y’all. Lovely but exhausting all the same. Therefore, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite pins instead of putting effort into writing. Never fear! I have new exciting things in the works for next week. (All will be revealed Wednesday!)

Gold Digging

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Inner Critic

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What have you been pinning lately?

Solo Tripping

It’s been a great ten years, Chicago, but I might be ready to move on. Before I take the plunge, I’m going to fulfill one of this year’s goals and go exploring some cities on my own. It’s going to take a whole lot of city to fill Chicago’s shoes, but I have one main criteria: less snow.

I’m taking suggestions – what city do you think I should test?


Savannah, Georgia

I visited Savannah once in high school while driving to Florida with my family. I remember it being beautiful and have always had a romantic ideal of it in my head. Can it hold up?

Pros: Men with southern accents, SCAD and the art scene that comes with it.

Cons: Social conservatives make me very uncomfortable.

Printers Alley

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville seems like Brooklyn with less snobby hipsters. That’s a thing, right?

Pros: I don’t know anyone in Nashville, so it would truly be a solo exploration and adventure.

Cons: While I can appreciate the art form and like a select segment of the genre, I don’t actually like country music.


Seattle, Washington

Ah, Seattle. How I idolized thee as a grunge-listening pre-teen. Remember when the SuperSonics were a thing? I miss Gary Payton!

Pros: Hometown and current residence of my bestie.

Cons: The last time I visited my bestie, Seattle seemed a little, uh, slow-moving for my taste. Plus I don’t drink coffee – will that get me kicked out?


Los Angeles, California

Well, the weather is certainly different from Chicago.

Pros: There are a plethora of opportunities to pursue my not-so-secret dream life.

Cons: If a Chicago 10 is an L.A. 6…

Savannah | Nashville | Seattle | Los Angeles