Springtime and Maria Rose

I’m in denial, friends. Apparently it’s been ten years since I graduated from high school (bring on the extra dose of wrinkle cream) and the BHS Class of ’04 Facebook group page is a-buzzin’ with news of marriages, children, and incredible levels of life goals achieved.

No, I will not be attending. Yes, I would rather have my eyelashes individually plucked out my a large-handed man without grace.

Real talk though: some of the stuff my former classmates are writing is pure hilarity. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to share the ridiculousness (we’re strangers – I do not need the details of your divorce Girl I Heard Puked On a Principal at Prom) without being cruel. Alas, brilliance has not come…yet.

Luckily, I didn’t loathe absolutely every one of my classmates. Some of them were actually quite fantastic and talented, to boot.

Maria Rose

The Weight of Everything (thread on canvas) | Valentine’s Day (colored pencil on paper)

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Pretty Papers

I loved passing notes with my friends in middle school. We passed gossip and crushes using code names to protect ourselves if notes might fall into the wrong hands. Growing up in Beijing, we would venture across town to the main floor of Hongqiao (the Pearl Market) and raid our favorite vendors of their stock of cute, cartoonish stationary and stickers with phrases that made very little sense translated into English. Some sets came with guides on how to fold your note into a star or 3D shape – so much cooler than your traditional paper football or square.

Do kids today still pass notes or is it all about Snapchat and text messaging now? If letter writing is a lost art (which, by golly, I maintain it is!) then surely note-passing must be a lost craft, as well. Emojis cannot express teenage whimsy the way hand-drawn margin doodles can.

A quick Etsy search provides plenty of office-appropriate paper options with a touch of that middle school whimsy you need to perk up a droll Monday morning. Or send a letter to an old friend – they’ll be excited to find something in their mailbox that isn’t a bill.

So, who are you going to write?


Shop these stores:

1 Row House 14 | 2 When It Rains | 3 tickled peach studio | 4 Princess Pearl Paperie| 5 Letter Love Designs


So You’re Alone on Valentine’s Day.

I know that being single can be lonely and all around just suck. The phrase I’m going to die alone leaves my lips at least twice a week. Everyone around you is paired (or maybe even tripled, if you’re hanging with a certain segment of the GGG crowd) and you’re alone. Your friends are in love while you’re in the market for a fresh set of batteries.

I get it. Couples can get hit by a bus 99% of the time and we won’t shed more than a tear. We feel like that every day though, don’t we? So what makes Valentine’s Day different from the other 364 days of your single life? It just is. I’m not going to get into one of those diatribes about how we should share our love for one another every day because that’s just some hippie bullshit.

The truth is that today is different because by the end of it all of us – single and coupled – will end up miserable by midnight. Single people just start out that way.


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