Ginger Commandment | 7

Let go of anyone who doesn't help you soar.

Toxic friendships aren’t always easy to spot. Sure, you can probably catch a Mean Girl or a User from the get go, but what about the other sneaky jerks holding you back?

We constantly talk about how important it is to surround yourself with people who love and support you at your lowest, but cutting that list of people down is just as vital to becoming the best version of yourself.

A toxic friend is anyone who won’t hold out a hand when you’re falling. One who always changes the conversation from you to them. The person in your life who knows the amount of likes their most recent Instagram post received…but not your goals in life.

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Pinspiration | Is It Nap Time Yet?

I’m feeling extremely unmotivated to do anything lately. Writing, coding, working, cleaning – nothing appeals to my greater sense of action. I’d like to blame my mood on this bullshit Chicago pre-winter weather, but the truth is that I’m an inherently lazy person who would really just rather stay in bed all day. How do the people who live in these rooms get anything done?

Loft Bedroom

Sassy bedroom with black wall

Chic bedroom with vanity

Monochrome gray bedroom

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Why I Vote

I’ll be voting as an Illinois resident for the first time tomorrow morning. Since I’ve always voted absentee in the past, it’ll be my first adult trip to the polling place. My first time entering a voting booth. My first I Voted sticker! These are very exciting times.

No, seriously. Voting is very exciting.

Perhaps you’re in the camp of people who don’t think voting matters. Honestly, I don’t disagree with every point of the don’t bother bandwagon. One tiny vote doesn’t do a lot in the scheme of things. Congress does nothing anyway.

You’re right. I get it. There’s no point at all.

Except for the fact that there totally is. I vote because of everyone who has ever been denied that privilege.

300,000 denied the right to vote



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